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My first Olympus (OM-1) will be 30 years old next year. I still use it. Later, the OM-2, the OM-10 and the OM-2 Spot came along. I didn´t buy the OM-3 and 4, they were already too high tech for my taste. Olympus then unfortunately stopped producing and distributing the OM series (?) and took to several other models. It was only with the introduction of digicams that they joined the market again, and that was something for me again.

To everyone who thinks this is too technical, who is fed up with all the fuss about focusing and f-stop, to people who rather "shoot from the hip" and want to be really "hip" as well, I recommend LOMO. On the Lomographic Society´s website, you can find really funny and artistically interesting pics.

Short excursion into perception psychology: Optical Illusions


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