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Born in 1946

Educational (University of Nuremberg) and Psychological studies (LMU Munich)
Academic degree: Dipl.-Psychologe (MA)

Scientific assistance at TU Munich for six years: Research on traffic psychology, stress, safety

Additional education: TZI, moderation, supervision, mediation

Self-employed since 1981 in company trainings and traffic safety.

I have lived since 1993 in [ Unterwössen ] in the southern Chiemgau , which is an eldorado for wind flying [ DASSU ], biking and motorbiking. Before that time, I lived in Munich for 25 years. I have a daughter [ Eva ], a job that I love and since several years, I have also dedicated more time to my hobbies.

Everyone who is at home in Chiemgau and doesn´t want to end as a workaholic has lots of opportunities to spend his free time. Since I managed - finally, finally - to reduce my trainings (and the time spent travelling connected with them) to a reasonable extent, this is true for me, too.

Of course, for an OFI (over fifty) like me there are some geriatric restrictions. If I´m stuck in the middle of Piedmont with my motorbike [ motorbikes ] and can´t remember what I´m here for, where they have the best Barolo [ wine ] or the tastiest truffles [ food ], then it gets dangerous.


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