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It´s not about world literature here. Of course, you should have read Dostoyevski (Hint for all psycho-students: Take "The Idiot" and "Crime and Punishment" to the river Eisbach in Munich in summer and forget about all seminars in depth psychology. Saves at least 3 semesters).

Who wants to be able to understand their fossil 60´s dads at least a little bit, should try Kerouac´s "On the Road" and Tom Wolfe or a few other fellows from the Beat Generation. Everyone who has a daughter in primary school getting on their nerves with Winnie-the-Pooh (A. A. Milne) buying and collecting orgies, can turn the tables and read "Pooh´s Corner" by Harry Rowohlt. Here, Pooh is mentioned on 6 pages only, and the rest is simply brilliant. He can also - which is really fun - go to Sussex with her, more precisely to Hartfield. Milne wrote his books there. From the Anchor Inn (2 sorts of Stout!) you can explore the Ashdown forest for days and find various Pooh, Eyore and Heffalump sites.

I want to mention only two outstanding authors of the modern literature scene:

Eckhard Henscheid´s "Trilogy of continuous bullshit"

Die Vollidioten

Geht in Ordnung, sowieso, genau ...

Die Mätresse des Bischofs

and Joseph von Westphalen

Im diplomatischen Dienst

Das schöne Leben

Die bösen Frauen


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