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tīs hard to define my favorite kind of music. The newest trends - techno, house, drum&bass, etc. - I can hardly tell apart. I somehow slept through the 80īs. So most of the time, I come back to the old things, Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin etc. Everything that us 1968 fossils liked listening to, you know.

A few people I still want to emphasize, though, because they donīt simply put the old stuff back on, but have really evolved.  Classic examples are John Lee Hooker, Jack Bruce and above all,  Van Morrison, who developed from an Irish folk singer from the 60īs over classic Rock (together with THEM) to his current jazzy perfection. 

Since I saw him live in Bad Reichenhall a few years ago - awesome.


Newest album: "Whatīs Wrong With This Picture"


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