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my fitness trainer advised me to insert a nutrition values table here, but...
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I`ve chosen the following feeding temples mostly after their value for money. Upper limit for a set menu roughly 70 DM. Therefore, you won´t find the "Essigbrätlein" in Nuremberg here, where -no question ´bout that- it really tastes good (ciao Renata & Rodolfo).

[ Alpenhof ] - Übersee /Chiemsee, village Westerbuchberg, my favorite place in Chiemgau, all the starters, fish soup, wines
[ Hofwirth zur Post ] , Marquartstein, oldest restaurant in the region, smooth and comfortable atmosphere, very good service, engaged and creative cooking
Geigelstein - Schleching, well-cooked Bavarian cuisine, game specialities
 [broeding ] - my favourite address in Munich, the daily menu, wines
[ Zum Roten Wolf ] - Langenlebarn near Vienna, Susi and Johannes (the two of them - they´re really nice - call me Gustl), according to W.Siebeck, Susi cooks a "sensational noble variation of the traditional cuisine"
[ Krone ] - Aldino (Aldein) in South Tyrol, from Egna Ora 10 km up the mountain, but it´s worth it, menu, wines
Osteria Veglia - La Morra Annunciata, Piedmont, to me the restaurant per se, menu (25 EUR!), wines
Il Capellaio Pazzo - the mad hat maker from Alice in Wonderland, Campiglia Marittima, Maremma, fish and seafood
NoName - Boston, MA, USA, right on the fish pier, horrible furniture but finest seafood, plenty of lobster, scallops

 Helpful for your stomach and your nerves:[ slowfood ]


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