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Lambīs knuckles on shallots with potato-olive oil puree:

I donīt mean the haunch here, but the small front knuckles. To me, they are much jucier, and theyīre cheaper than the haunch, as well. Well roasted and garnished, they are also a visual dream on the plate. To this "belongs" a special potato puree, which is whisked using not milk/cream, but olive oil. I do without a vegetable side, because I donīt pass the vegetables from the roasting pan through a sieve for the gravy - as most people do - but use them to garnish the plate. Like this - well roasted - I like them better and it also saves time.

Ingredients for 4 people:

4 lambīs knuckles - well skinned by the butcher
lamb juice from the glass
1 pound shallots
2 carrots, 1 leek, 1 celery
1 bouquet of fresh marjoram
2 pounds mealy potatoes
olive oil (for purists: Ardone from Liguria)
3 cloves of garlic
salt, pepper, some flour

Salt and pepper the lamb haunches, sprinkle with flour and set aside for about 20 mins (donīt panic, they wonīt lose liquid). In the meantime, clean shallots and other vegetables and cut in small pieces (the shallots only in half).

Roast knuckles really sharply in a big roasting pan, towards the end add the shallots. Add 1 glass of red wine (doesnīt have to be a Barolo) and off they go to the oven (360°F). Let simmer for about 2 hours, turn over and add lamb juice every once in a while. After about an hour, add the remaining vegetables and the marjoram. For the last 15 mins, I remove the lid and turn the heat to 480°F.

The puree is really quick. Cook potatoes and mash them. Add the squished garlic cloves and then: tons of olive oil! (Itīs also good for digestion) Keep adding olive oil with the stirring rod - as for whipping cream - until the stuff has a consistency similar to cream cheese. Soft as butter! Tastes totally different from mumīs old mashed potatoes.

Well, and with this of course has to go either a Bordeaux or something comparable from Italy. With lamb, I prefer a strong Estčphe (e.g. Cos) or a Giusto di Notri by Tua Rita (despite Ornellaia, Sassicaia and other noble brews still my favorite from Italy).

Enjoy !


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