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What should I write about Italy?

It would be presumptuous to rave about Venice, about the Campo in Siena, about the narrow streets of Trastevere in Rome, about the view of the Etna from a hotel in Taormina, about the villages of Cinqueterre and the Langhe Hills in Piedmont. It would be presumptuous to glorify the wonderfully simple meals in small trattorie, the tomatoes which deserve their name, the seafood or the truffles from Alba. And it would be presumptuous to enthuse about people´s calm, about their equanimity, but also about their passion for living and enjoying.

It would be presumptuous because we live in Germany and because we may probably only as tourists, at best as guests, experience this.
Holiday and overnight accomodation in the so-called [ Agriturismo  } farms.
Has little in common with the “Farm Holidays” known in Germany.


Everyone going to southern Maremma should absolutely visit [ Niki de St.Phalle´s ] art garden.


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