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There are probably thousands of books and articles that have been written about this topic. Hundreds of scientists, practicians, colleagues and self-appointed Gurus have published their key to a successful leadership strategy. Many executives have gone through a remarkable number of trainings and workshops throughout their company careers on their way to the top.
Helmut Qualtinger certainly would have commented: "And that´s the result?"

I would still judge the topic "Leadership" to be the most difficult among my four topics, because it deals not only with the conveying of abilities and skills, but always with the participants´ own personality, their value systems and their personals convictions, as well.

More and more frequently, companies look for the "new" employee, who is essential for our globalized firms: Besides personality traits such as flexibility, commitment and ability to work in teams, personal initiative and responsibility - up to the term "Positive Disobediance"- are highly sought-after skills.

I can only support this belief and hope for future leaders and top managers who leave the old path of well-established obediance. Leaders who feel responsible for their company, their employees, their own commitments and their conscience.

As a thought provocation and as a reminder - many suppress the memory - the Milgram Experiment.


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