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When I started doing trainings 20 years ago, I covered - like just about everyone who starts as a freelancer in this business- almost all areas of the market: negotiation, sales and leadership, but also presentation, rhetoric, individual coaching and other exotic topics.

Today, I don´t do that anymore. I have learnt that in certain areas there are colleagues who are better than me - if you conclude from this that in the areas that I cover, I like to be one of the best, you are not totally wrong. Therefore, I concentrate on what I´m very good at. And that is basically the mentioned 4 areas: leadership, negotiation, team development and conflict management.

In the various topic areas, you won´t find formulated training programs with the according themes. In the conception of my trainings and their content, I proceed consequently client-oriented and adapt to my clients´ topical requests.

An example: A big client of mine (about 11,000 employees at the location), in whose production sector I have been doing executive trainings for years, introduced a completely new work assessment system some time ago. This system caused a lot of nervousness and confusion among the employees and overlied other topics such as motivation or team development.
As a result, new topics were required in my trainings: Methods of work assessment, running of assessment conversations etc. These "new" topics replaced therefore the standard topics of leadership - if something like that exists anyway.


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