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The main topics and also the target groups of my sales and negotiation trainings have considerably changed over the past years: from product sales towards distribution of systems, software solutions and services.
With this change, a new challenge for me as a trainer emerged: to convince the participants of the achievement "selling" and its value. Because for someone coming from the natural sciences or from engineering, who has learnt to think in terms of hard facts and objective reality, there are two difficulties:

First of all, to many participants the term "selling" or the image of the salesperson seems a bit sketchy. These colleagues perceive themselves as engineers or software specialists, if anything, maybe as client advisors. Secondly, they often have difficulties understanding why their clients do not appreciate their technically advanced knowledge and their perfect presentation of the facts, or why they do not agree in a negotiation (> Harvard Concept /only in German), although they themselves obviously have the better arguments.

With this background, I have set the relevant goals for this kind of trainings > Change Management. As an example for target group, content and method I introduce a suitable training offer > training offer


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